A downloadable game for Windows and Android

The story

Earth has be shrunk by some evil aliens and now have sent their miniature army to finish it off!

How to play

The goal: Get through the asteroid belt and take your beloved earth to the sun so it may live on for another day.

Locomotion: In the game, there are three ways to move.

1. Press both triggers to move up.

2. Use the left joystick to move about.

3. Reach behind your shoulder to grab a teleport ball. Throw it and in a few seconds, you will be teleported to its location.


• Programmer - Nic Farmer (Discord: imtrash#9516)

• Programmer - ninjafella (Discord: ninjafella#8777)

• Programmer - Julius Won (Discord: Nourek#4317)

• Programmer - Jonathan McAfee (Discord: Doctor Bambi#2296)

• Composer - James Wooten (Website: www.JWootenCreative.com)

• 3D and UX/UI Designer - Ryan Rosales (Website: https://ryanrosales.com/)

• 3D models and Animations - Karthik Rajesh (Discord: gr33nm0nk3y#2646)


Pale Blue VR.zip 87 MB
PaleBlueVR.apk 70 MB

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